Homepower is an intelligent energy storage system that will transform the way you utilise your solar energy.

Power Your Home At Night

Store solar energy to use when the sun’s not shining.

Help Lower Your Energy Bills

Use less from the grid, and see the benefits on your bills.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Lead the way to a more renewable future.

Backup &

Off-grid applications and emergency power capability pose no problem for the Battery-Box.


The SLA battery protects you from rising electricity prices and provides you with energy independence. Use cleaner energy generated from your rooftop solar system and store it in your home battery day or night.

Our designed and engineered solar batteries are backed by a local technical support and customer service team.

Self Consumption Optimization

Self consumption of renewable energy is the future. As renewable generation subsidies decrease around the world and electricity prices increase it becomes more economical to consume the energy you generate yourself.

Output Power

1 Phase
A single-phase output power flows via a single conductor. This powers at around 7.4kW, so if you think you will only require a 7kW home charger, a single-phase EV charger fits your needs

3 Phase
On the other hand, a three-phase output power flows via three conductors. This is materialized in 22kW home chargers, an excellent selection for your residential place since it is versatile and more useful than a single-phase charger.