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Hi, I'm SLA home

Smart lifestyle Australia is an innovative Australian-designed home energy monitoring system. It helps you optimise your energy consumption by providing real-time data and detailed historical information.

About SLA home

SLA harnesses the power of AI technology to create SLA Home, an app that can connect all your SLA products into the palm of your hand. 

SLA Home is designed to help you reduce your energy bills by making small changes in your energy consumption habits. With the help of AI, SLA home can provide you with personalized advice on how to maximize your energy savings and ensure that you are using energy efficiently.

Our software app will also monitor your energy usage in real-time and alert you when you are using too much energy, so you can take measures to reduce your energy bills in manual mode. Our system can identify potential problems, such as faulty equipment or inefficient energy usage, and alert you so you can take corrective action.

New Possibilities



Real-time Monitoring

The app can monitor your energy use in real-time and alert you if it detects any unusual spikes in usage.


Smart Scheduling

The app can offer to automatically schedule your products energy usage for times of the day when energy grid costs are lower, helping you to save money.



SLA home uses artificial intelligence technology to analyze your energy usage and provide you with personalized tips to help reduce your energy bills.


Customizable Alerts:

SLA home allows you to set customizable alerts to remind you when your energy bills are due, or when you need to turn off appliances that are using too much energy that are not an SLA product. 


Data Visualization

SLA home can help you understand your energy usage better by providing data visualization tools that can show you historical trends and help you spot patterns in your energy use.



SLA home also provides you with an understanding of how much energy you are using and what products are consuming the most and where you can make adjustments to reduce your bills.


Point of Difference

Discover new ways to save. Ever wondered whether it’s worth installing solar? adding the extra air conditioning unit or  Upgrading that old beer fridge? SLA home puts you in control of your energy usage decisions. 

SLA home learns how your home uses energy and provides personalised guidance based on real time usage. SLA home create’s a unique energy profile using smart AI to help you make automatic decisions that could save you serious money.

We turn data into insight

Smart Lifestyle Australia has leveraged the power of data to provide a smart analytics platform that pulls energy data from metered electricity circuits and energy efficient products, in real time.

By going deeper into a residential energy consumption you’re able to find previously unknown patterns, predict & demonstrate ROI on projects, manage solar, automate events, control timers and much more.

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