Heat Pump

Introducing our revolutionary heat pump that is going to reduce your energy costs and save the environment.



By transferring heat from the air to heat water, a heat pump is 4X more energy efficient than electric systems.

75% Less

A renewable energy technology that reduces your household’s carbon footprint and your energy bills.

5 Year

Manufacturers 5 year warranty of heat pump.

24 Hours, 7 Days A Week Hot Water

No solar panels, inverters, gas lines or canisters are needed. Rain or shine, you can enjoy hot water anytime.


Our current range of heat pumps come in a range of different sizes to accommodate the Australian family household requirements.
Fiona Collins
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Installation was professional & neat, despite challenges around the location for our water system. Follow up was reassuring & official paperwork all checked. A good job done.
Mark Gilbert
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Best service I have had from any company for many years. Super quick and no issues at all from everyone involved. Very highly recommended. The heat pump works as expected. 
Liz Mason
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Had my old electric hot water system replaced with a new heat pump last weekend. Shemanto was very helpful when making the arrangements and ensuring that it would fit in its position because it was higher than the old one. All the documentation was provided. The installers were prompt and courteous. Am very happy with the outcome.
Charles Camen
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The company organized the replacement hot water heater. it was done when arranged, the work was neat and tidy and the heater works well. The water temperature setting is possibly too hot but otherwise it was a good experience.

200 Ltr

1-4 People Capacity
Model: SLA-R18-190/N3A84

300 Ltr

4+ People Capacity
Model: SLA-R18-300D/N3A4

Smart Technology

Heat pumps utilise an ingenious technology to efficiently transfer thermal energy directly from the surrounding air and into the water, and so do not rely on direct sun or fossil fuels to provide an energy source.

Did You Know

A heat pump is like an energy multiplier. From 1 kW of power input, it can create over 4 kW’s of output heat2. That’s a performance efficiency of a remarkable 400%. Where as conventional electric storage water heaters can only convert 1 kW of input power into a maximum of 1 kW of output heat.

Energy Efficiency

Did you know? Water heating accounts for nearly a quarter of the energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in the average Australian home.
*Estimations based on SLA-R18-300D/N3A4 in zone 3 under medium load, obtained from independent laboratory test results and followed by TRNSYS modeling and a retail electricity cost of $0.30c per KWh.

Smart Technology

With a Smart Lifestyle Australia heat pump, set up and operation monitoring is made simple thanks to an amazing, in built user-friendly controller.

Operational Modes

ECO (Heat Pump Only) Mode: The standard mode where the highest efficiency is achieved

Hybrid Mode: The Heat Pump & E-heater operate together to ensure the set temperature is achieved.

E-Heater: When the air temperature drops to below -7°C, the heat pump will automatically select E-heater mode for an electric hot water boost

Wide Operating Range

Operates as low as 5°C in ECO mode & between -20°C & 45°C with additional E-heat boost

Auto Disinfection

Providing intuitive operation & helpful functions such as temp setting, timer & safety lock

Low Operating Noise

Operating at a very low 48/49 dBA you will hardly know it’s there!

Tank-Wrapped Condenser Coil

For efficient heat transfer & preventing water contamination

Power Outage Memory

Protecting the condenser from icing for complete peace of mind