Will gas be Phased Out in Victoria?

The Government of Victoria released a roadmap to navigate the state toward zero emissions. They will also cease new gas installations and incentives for residential and commercial spaces. The Government plans to phase gas out by 2023 entirely.In addition, Government’s goal’s to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions are as follows:

  • 28-33% by 2025
  • 45-50% by 2030
  • net-zero by 2050

Despite all the efforts, will gas be phased out in Victoria? Victorian’s tendency to choose convenience over nature can bring catastrophe. The addiction to gas has imprisoned the state into an unhealthy lifestyle. Among all the wealthy developed countries, Australia currently ranks last in its initiatives to deal with environment-friendly measures.

Victorians are the nation’s most significant users of gas. They burn around 80 percent of fuel for heating and cooking. It is accounting for about 17 percent of the state’s total greenhouse gas emissions. Gas is hazardous for us and our environment. Besides, it has also gotten costly for Victorians. It is one of the most significant parts of fossil fuel. Victoria’s contribution to using gas alone can destroy the entire country’s natural resources and environment. Before gas, we were entirely dependent on the usage of coal.

The Industrial Revolution played a massive part in burning coal as an energy source. Coal-fired power was used for heating, cooling, cooking, lighting, transportation, communication, farming, industry, and healthcare. Considering the environmental danger, most developed countries transitioned from coal generation. Is there time to do the same with gas? Why would such a wealthy and developed state be ignorant about fossil fuels like gas? Are we not meant to be the trailblazers for the rest of the world? Don’t we deserve a Smart Lifestyle and better quality of life?

Benefits of Phasing Out from Gas

Australia’s contribution toward climate change is in question. It is high time for Victorians to phase out from gas and enjoy the benefits of multiple sustainable energy supplies.Victoria can be a perfect role model in front of the world if they can phase out gas.

  • Climate Change: Victoria has over 2 million customers. 80% of the Victorian household has a gas connection. It is the highest in Australia. Naturally, Victorians are responsible for the majority of climate change. Phasing out from gas will significantly improve the climate in Australia, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Budgets: Gas is getting unbelievably expensive in Victoria. It will be inevitable for Victorians to be able to afford gas. Using energy-efficient ways will cut down on the overall household budget. The Victorian Government showed people would save thousands if they switched to sustainable energy.
  • Health: The leaked Methane from gas causes Asthma. Gas can explode, burn and make someone chronically ill. Undoubtedly, sustainable and intelligent alternatives reduce all the risks of the traditional way of gas consumption.
  • Global Security: Getting off gas will improve Geo politics, and Victoria will have political security. Things like gas prices won’t affect the Victorian economy and society.
  • Energy Crisis: Using alternative energy supplies will reduce the global energy crisis. We need to remember gas production comes from fossil fuels, which are not renewable. Someday we will run out of fuel to support the power grids. Isn’t it better to make the switch before it’s too late?

Substitution for Gas


According to the Gas Substitution Roadmap, Victorians energy upgrade energy-efficient ways to substitute natural gas. These upgrades will decrease household bills and eliminate the carbon footprint.Apart from Solar energy, Hydro Energy, and Bio Gas, there are other technologies like Geothermal, Wind, and Nuclear energy. However, these require better technology and high cost.

  • Solar energy: Solar Power is the most efficient and green substitute for gas. It is renewable, affordable, and can power up houses and industries. Solar energy can produce and store enough electricity to replace gas as long as there is sunlight.
  • Hydro Energy: Hydropower is an affordable and eco-friendly energy source. It can work with other renewable energy and supply consistent energy throughout the year.
  • Bio Gas: Bio Gas derives from organic waste to produce fuel. It uses food waste and animal manure to create power. The methane level is controlled and helps the environment.

Alternative for Homes

Victoria has been a consistent consumer and producer of overall gas production. Using sustainable alternatives will empower Victorians. It will provide them with a cost-effective, reliable, and secure energy supply.

  • Solar Panels: House owners can easily install rooftop Solar Panels. It can store and produce energy with sunlight. Solar panels are best for household work like cooking and heating water.
  • Green Hydrogen: Green Hydrogen is more suitable for industrial purposes. The technology for Hydro energy is still in its initial phase. Thus, domestic uses can be expensive at times.
  • Heat Pumps: Heat Pumps are a sustainable replacement for air conditioners and heaters. It uses similar mechanisms to air conditioners and fridges. To use cost-effective Heat Pumps, visit Smart Lifestyle Australia.

Phasing-out from Gas

Phasing out from gas will be a struggle for Victorians, but it is also inevitable. The gas industry, in particular, has become addicted to gas. The Victorian Government’s aggressive shift from gas can be an opportunity for households and businesses. New technologies have already started the fight against fossil fuels.Energy efficiency is the ultimate goal Victoria needs to achieve. Victorians must comply with the Government for a smooth transition from gas generation.


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